Silkia product range

Frequently Asked Questions

Do Silkia products have an expiration date?

Yes, all Silkia products have an optimum use-by period after they have been opened. The product may not be at its optimum use once this date has passed. To be on the safe side, you should discard any product which has gone past its recommended use, has developed an unusual odour or has become watery or discoloured.

At what age can you start using Silkia products?

We recommend Silkia products are used by those aged 12+ with adult supervision where appropriate.

Where are Silkia products available?

All Silkia products are available to buy online at

Will Silkia products affect my tattoo?

No, Silkia products will not affect tattoos.

Can pregnant women use Silkia products?

Yes, as long as all directions are followed and warnings are taken into consideration. Skin may be more sensitive than usual and so extra care should be taken.

How long will it take for hair to grow back?

When waxing, the hair can take from 3-6 weeks to grow back depending on the person’s natural hair growth. With depilatory creams and foams, the results are similar to that of shaving and re-growth can be expected from 1-2 days. This is because chemical depilatories and shaving only remove hair from the surface of the skin whereas waxing removes hair from the root.

Will hair grow back darker?

No, hair will not grow back darker or thicker.

Can I use fake tan after waxing?

We advise waiting at least 8 hours after waxing to ensure your pores have closed properly leaving you with even tanning results.

Can I go sunbathing after waxing?

You should avoid sunbathing for 48 hours after waxing. Recently-waxed skin is prone to hyperpigmentaiton (permanent darkening of the skin) if exposed to the sun or to sun beds. We would advise against taking hot showers or using saunas and steam rooms immediately after waxing to reduce the risk of aggravating skin and causing infection.

How long will the waxing results last?

Silkia waxing strips last up to 6 weeks.

Do I have to do a patch test?

We recommend doing a patch test before every single use of Silkia depilatory products. The skin can become sensitised to hair removal products very suddenly and cause a reaction even if you have used them before.

Which areas can I use the cream on?

The Silkia Hair Removal Cream and Spray Foam are suitable for arms, legs and the bikini line.

Can I use the hair removal cream/ hair removal spray foam on my face?

No, as skin on the face is more sensitive this is not advised.